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Best Ways To Store And Preserve Your Favorite Vape Juice

The vaping experience is not complete without your favorite vape juice. The e-liquid is an essential part of vaping because it makes smoking safer than tobacco-based cigarettes. It also has a tasty flavor and a nice aroma compared to the traditional cigarettes people used to love. With the amplified smoking experience that vape juice provides, no wonder some had attempted to make their own.

However, whether your vape juice is store-bought or homemade, there’s an important factor that you should not ignore for you to enjoy your smoking – that is your storing method. The key for a tasteful and safe e-liquid is on how you store it. With the kind of weather you have in your area, the storing and surrounding temperature can affect the taste, consistency, and aroma of your puff. So for you to be able to store your vape’s e-juice properly here are some tips that you should start considering.

Find a good storage spot

To keep your vape juice fresh, you have to find a good storage spot that is far from a direct hit of sunlight. It is best to look for a spot that can’t be affected by hot or cold extreme weather. Some vapers keep their favorite e-liquid inside the refrigerator for a long period of storing, while others place it in a box, a drawer or the cupboard. What matters is finding a good storage spot is that the e-juice should be in a dark, cool and dry place. In this way, you can enjoy your e-liquid like brand new every time you puff.

Store your vape juice in a glass container

In storing such essential liquid that you take into your body, it is important that the container should be glass and not plastic. Ever heard of BPA and other plastic chemicals that are number 1 cancer-causing agents? When the liquid is stored too long in the plastic, the residue of these chemicals blends with your vape juice which could harm your health. So switch from plastic containers or bottles to glass, it will not only make your e-juice safe to puff but your wellbeing as well.

Properly seal your vape juice bottle

One of the reasons why your vape juice is no longer fresh the next time you puff is that you forgot to properly seal it. The number one enemy of vape juice is air because if you don’t seal your vape juice bottle tight, there’s a big chance that your e-juice might evaporate. If you will be transferring your e-juice from one container to another, it is best to choose a smaller container to minimize the amount of exposure to air of your favorite flavored juice for your vape. For the best online vape shop visit Eliquid Depot.

Keep away from reach of children

If you have kids around, it is not safe to store your e-juice where your children have access to it. Better place it somewhere that is not obvious or easy to reach. Kids are kids, anything they see is their toys and surely you don’t want to be your vape juice bottle or your vape to be one of those.


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