Let us surprise your taste buds.

Havana Club Brussels is one of the traditional restaurants in the area – one of the top options for locals, not to mention tourists. How come? Our dedication and reputation has gone a long way, so people from all over the world visit us on a daily basis.

Just like everywhere else, you know a restaurant is good when you see locals hanging around. Havana Club Brussels makes no exception.

We take pride in every dish we make – taste, arrangement and design.

We push our limits and expand our menu with new dishes on a regular basis.

There are no doubts about it – if you want the best food in Brussels, Havana Club is likely to exceed your expectations.


Quality is our most distinctive feature in the kitchen

We value our customers and we treat each of them as the most important one – both prior and after the actual meal.

Our restaurant has a casual aura and we try to keep it this way. It is not the type of fancy restaurant where you need to wear thousand euro clothing, but a casual one. While maintaining this style, we push to exceed the quality standards of a fancy restaurant.

Not only do we create the tastiest dishes in Brussels, but we also treat our customers right.

From the moment you step in to the moment you finish your meal, you will love every bit of this experience.


Take a look throughout our menu to get some inspiration

Apart from what you can find in our menu, remember that almost each dish can be customized based on your preferences.